In the year of 2000 our Foundation took care of the monument in the memory of dr Janusz Korczak and his children, located at the Jewish cemetery in Warsaw. This simple and beautiful statue was built by the Jewish Community of Warsaw to commemorate 40-th anniversary of their death. Due to financial constrains, this monument was made of artificial resin imitating bronze. Unfortunately, this material is easily flammable so it repatedly caught fire from the candles palced by the visitors. As a result of these fires, the monument was nearly destroyed. Despite numerouss repairs the monument was falling apart. It was the last moment to make the bronze cast and therefore, to preserve this oryginal work of art. Thanks to our great friend Mr Raphael Sharf from London we received the sum of 75.000 zl necessary to reach this goal from Mrs Sandra Joseph. We are also grateful to all other donator's who have help us to realize of this goal.

Symbolic grave
of Janusz Korczak (72)