On 10th anniversary of establishment of the Jewish Cemetery Foundation "Gęsia", we present, in our rooms located in Gibalskiego Street (close to the cemetery), photos taken between 1939-43 on the teritory of the Warsaw Ghetto by nazi propagandists, and we expose the objects have been found during excavations of the Synagogue Foundations and the Mortuary destroyed by nazis on 15th May 1943, located in the cemetery yard.

Fragments of bombs and missiles used by nazis
to blow up the cemetery buildings - click to enlarge


Used creams tubes for last rites produced
by "Cherys" Perfumeria Sp.z o.o. (owned by Eng. M. Landau
and S. Polus), Warsaw, Zelazna Str. 54 - click to enlarge


Ornamental tiles from the rooms inhabited
by the rabbi - click to enlarge


19th century ceramic plates tiled on the floors
and the walls of the Synagogue and the Mortuary - click to enlarge


Fragments of the precious table set signet
by "Seltmann Weiden" company - click to enlarge


Dug out chips of household glass - click to enlarge


Miniature of the tombstone - macewa which is a token
of remembrance of the dead which is to remind
of the anniversaries of their death - click to enlarge


Underside of the ceramic plate marked with
the David's star - click to enlarge


click to enlarge

Preserved cart for carrying the dead visible on many photographs of the Warsaw Ghetto.

Since June of 2000 temporary exposed in the Imperial War Museum of London.