On 1st September 1999 on the area of the monumental Jewish Cemetery, thanks to the initiative of the Cemetery Director, Mr Boleslaw Szenicer, and community activists, a Committee for rebuilding of the Synagogue Mortuary and office of the Jewish Cemetery, was formed with the aim to rebuild those buildings destroyed by the Nazis on 15th May 1943 - the last but one day of before final liquidation of the Uprising in Warsaw Ghetto.

Those buildings were erected in 1877 according to a design of a well-known architect Adolf Schimmelpfennig and they constituted an integral part of the Cemetery. In the centre there was a Synagogue, in which there was a porch. Two double-storied wings of the building were the mortuaries. On the left - for dead men, and on the right - for dead women. The rabbi inhabited the first floor of the building with his family. The frontal of the Synagogue was decorated with a round stained-glass window and a large board, placed on the top, with the ten commandments. That Synagogue of exceptional beauty, was an example of late classicistic style in Warsaw's architecture.

Until now, thanks to of the collected funds, building foundations have been dug out and the objects found there have been preserved. They can be watched on a special exhibition today.

On the basic of the few documental photographs of objects, Mr Wlodzimierz Fruczek, a well-know creator, prepared the model of them in scale 1:50.

The Synagogue, Mortuary and office of the Cemetery build in 1877 (seen from Okopowa Street),
destroyed by nazis in May 15, 1943, during the Warsaw Ghetto uprising - click to enlarge
Unburied basements of the synagogue and funeral house - click to enlarge

Alas we have not received permision for rebuilding from Jewish Community of Warsaw and we had to suspend our acctivity by now.