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The Warsaw Jewish Cemetery (see the plan) situated in Okopowa Street (former Gesia Street), founded in 1799, is one of the world's largest Jewish cemeteries and constitutes spiritual and material commemoration for the Jewish nation murdered by Nazis in Poland. On the cemetery, which covers the area of 33 hectares, 250 thousands of corpses have been buried. Among these we can enumerate many rabbis, Chasidism spiritual masters, Hebraic language propagators, Yiddish literature and press writers and theatre artists, the great writers Perec, An-ski, Stryjkowski, meritorious actors Estera Rachel Kaminska, Chewel Buzgan, historian Prof. Majer Balaban, Esperanto language creator Dr Ludwik Zamenhof. Many people of Jewish origin who claimed their Polish nationality have been also buried here - Szymon Askenazy, Feliks Perl and Leon Berenson. There are graves of outstanding industrialists, medicine doctors, lawyrs, engineers, community activists for example of Adam Czerniakow the chairman of Jewish Community in Warsaw Ghetto and his wife Dr Felicja Czerniakow. The ashes of thousands of unknown and nameless ghetto victims were placed in mass tombs dating back to World War II.


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