Genuine cemetery gate


In 1992 the director of the Cemetery Boleslaw Szenicer, with other community activists initiated the creation of "GESIA" JEWISH CEMETERY FOUNDATION, whose aim is to prevent the devastation of graves and ohels of outstanding rabbis and maintaining of the cemetery in the right order. Thanks to the generosity a individuals, many of the monuments have been renovated - the only survived lantern, nineteenth century hand operated well, iron cemetery gates. We want to rebuild the synagogue and funeral house, destroyed in May 15th 1943 on the last day of the rebellion in Warsaw Ghetto and the house of prayer in 50/52 Targowa Street suppose to be renovated urgently.


The Foundation needs money for its activities. Polish Jews, mostly survivors, are not very wealthy. Therefore, we would like to appeal to all good-hearted people to help the Jewish Cemetery.


Street lamp




New pavement of cemetery alleys


Water pump after renovation


Album edited in 1999


Cleaned military quarter